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Post by Innocent Smile on Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:58 pm

-Listen to administrators and moderators
-Respect your fellow members
-No swearing (damn and hell are exempt)
-No sexual content
-No harassing other members
-No public display of personal information
-No bossing other members around
-Drachmas are only used in the store
-No double accounting
-Do not post spoilers without indicating that there are spoilers
-No bumping topics
-Use the edit button instead of reposting edited information
-No double posting (Cabins are exempt)

Role-playing Rules
-Must have a approved character before role-playing
-No power playing or god modding
-No chatspeak in role-playing posts
-No Mary/Gary Stus
-No vehicles within camp grounds
-No firearms within camp grounds
-Limit kissing to a maximum of six posts
-Quest can only be given by an administrator
-No interfering with quests.
-Administrators must approve gifts given by a god parent.
-Characters are not allowed to travel between camps unless given permission by an administrator
-And no making your own charries fall in love please it's weird to some people.

If you break any of theses rules there will be a punishment. We don't need to follow the order, depending on how bad the offense is.
(the punishments are below)
First Offense: Warning!
Second Offense: One Day Chatbox and PM Ban
Third Offense: 2 Day Ban
Fourth Offense: 1 Week Ban
Fifth Offense: Permanent Ban
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