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Post by Innocent Smile on Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:35 am

Name:Lenalee Amina
Appearance:Lena has very long wavy flowing bluish black hair, with big greenish blue eyes, she stands at a very short 4'10. Lena is very skinny and usually has her hair in long pig tails. She is slight tan and lightly tinted blue.
Personality:Lenalee is very childish and loves to play around. She takes things very seriously but doesn't understand something is serious when told. Lena loves talking to people she is very social able and loves everything having to do with nature she wishes for no conflict. Lenalee wishes for a friend her age though. She wishes to play with someone because older people can be so boring at times.
Weapon(You don't need one):N/A
Flaws:Lenalee is fearful of many things such as, fire, spiders, bugs, worms, birds, snakes, heights, confined spaces,etc, Lenalee is afraid of Oblivion, and she is allergic to many things (such as peanuts or nuts, oranges, dust, etc)
Pets: She has a goldfish named bubbles.
Powers:She can control water.(I'll go more in depth later)
Role play example:Lenalee giggled as she ran alongside the lake at the camp. She loved it out her the sun on her and the smell of the camp she sighed and sat down on the edge of the water. Thinking about many things. Thinking about what it would be like to have a friend around her age to play with on the camp.
Notes of your character:

I am bored and currently have 0/0 charries open.
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