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Post by Innocent Smile on Sun Jul 20, 2014 8:35 pm

I drew did :
Name and All Nicknames:
Kyandi Mae Aki, Andi or Ky
Birth date:
April 13th
Andi has strawberry straight blonde hair that goes to her hips. Her bangs mostly cover her blind left eye. She stands at a short five foot and has clear bright blue eyes. Her left eye is clouded. She is skinny but curvy. She has a scar on her right arm that stretches from her elbow to her wrist. She is very pale with rosy cheeks and bright pink lips.
God Parent:
Mortal Parent:
Seiko Aki
A black German shepherd named Ash
She is blind in her left eye, she is clumsy, she gets burnt easily, and anxious.
She can see through people's emotions easily.
A cb bow and arrows, a set of 6 throwing knives, and a dagger.
Back story:
Kyandi Mae Aki was born on April 13th, 14 years ago in Monbetsu, Japan. When she was two her mother married a man named Hideki Hashimoto. When she was 4 her half sister Haruhi was born. When she was 6 she moved to the U.S.A. When she was 7 her mother died in a car accident and Andi lived with her father. Until she was 8 she believed Hideki was her real dad. At the age of 8 she found out he was her real father and that her real one was unknown. She moved to Long Island, New York when she was 9. On the way to the new house there was a car accident and she hit her head and got a large gash on her arm. She later learned she had became blind in her left eye. The attacks started when Andi was 10 and she ran away at the age of 12 so no one would get hurt. She ran into some one that brought her to camp she later found out the person was a satyr.
RP Example:
Andi sat down on a bench by the lake. She stared at the water watching the water ripples make its way towards here from the people canoeing and kayaking. She smiled and looked up at the sun. Her smile faded as the sunlight burnt her skin. She sighed and stood up making her way back to her cabin so she could take a nap.
She speaks fluent Japanese and English.

I am bored and currently have 0/0 charries open.
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